Conceptual design drawing * #

* The rendering/ conceptual design drawing only represents an artist's impression of the general appearance of the Development or the part concerned only and is not for showing the surrounding buildings or environment. It has been edited and processed with computerized imaging techniques and is for reference only. Air-conditioning units, pipes, grilles, louvers, etc. and other facilities which may exist on the external walls of the Development have been omitted. It shall not be taken as depicting or representing any parts of the Development or its vicinity or any view from any part of the Development. There may be future changes to the Development and the surrounding areas. The layouts, fittings, finishes, appliances, furniture, decorative items, facilities, plant, landscaping and other objects shown in the rendering / conceptual design drawing may not necessarily be provided or appear in the Development or its vicinity upon completion.

# The building design is subject to the approval of the relevant government authorities. The vendor also reserves the right to alter the building plans and other plans (including without limitation the area, location and layout, etc. of the landscaping) and the design of the Development and any part thereof from time to time. The vendor reserves the rights to make modifications and changes to the facilities in the clubhouse and other recreational facilities as well as the layout, design, use, specification and features thereof without prior notice. Clubhouse and other recreational facilities may not be immediately available for use upon the delivery of vacant possession of the units and relevant services may be subject to charges.